“You know, I’ll just take the time now,” Garrett said, and

“You know, I’ll just take the time now,” Garrett said, and

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Canada Goose sale “How have the last two and a half months been on you guys?” host Chris Harrison asked, referring to the time between the filming of Garrett’s proposal and when it actually aired Monday night. It sounded like a softball question, but really, he was teeing up a rather uncomfortable moment.Becca looked over at Garrett expectantly. “You know, I’ll just take the time now,” Garrett said, and started to explain: “Some stuff came out about my social media.”Despite an entire segment that followed about this topic, the show didn’t actually explain cheap jordans shoes what Garrett meant with “stuff” which is a pretty crucial detail.[‘The Bachelorette’: The most excruciating moments from a deeply uncomfortable finale]The backstory, if you missed it: Right after “The Bachelorette” premiered in May, a former “Bachelor” contestant revealed that Garrett had “liked” posts on Instagram that made fun of transgender people; mocked feminists; claimed Parkland, Fla., school shooting survivor David Hogg was a crisis actor; and joked about throwing an immigrant child over the border.This became quite the controversy online, and nearly overshadowed the actual show. Canada Goose sale

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