The sensory areas may aid in the recognition of its host fungi

The sensory areas may aid in the recognition of its host fungi

“I’ve noticed that Queensland has problems. And if you elect me, I promise to try and figure out how to fix these problems. I haven’t worked out the details yet, but it may or may not have something to do with me smiling benevolently at you. The sensory areas may aid in the recognition of its host fungi or evaluate quality of the fungal host and are features that also occur on the palpi of obligate mushroom feeding Erotylidae beetles10. Oxyporinae are thought to be members of a predatory group of staphylinines exhibiting different methods of prey handling, including the bizarre stick capture method for prey capture by stenines24,25. However, the long held view that the ancestral Oxyporinae had shifted from predation to mushroom feeding is compromised by different placements in recent phylogenetic studies26,27 (Supplementary Note 3).

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