Sexual FantasiesDR. ZIGGY:
Fantasias Sexuales

Better known as Dr. Ziggy, Edward Fernandes, PhD, is a renowned sexologist and social psychologist with an extensive background on the swinging lifestyle. He has published several articles, led workshops and seminars for public and private organizations, and appeared in many radio and television shows in Canada, and some of his research has been featured in several national magazines and academic publications.

He has an extensive training in sexual behavior and sexuality education, and maintained a private practice in sex therapy and relationship therapy in Canada.

Nowadays Dr. Fernandes has an active participation with South-East Private, Liberal Arts College. He has previously taught many college courses in several universities in Canada and the United States, and holds numerous professional memberships and certificates.

He writes blogs and columns in various online swingers publications, and is multi-lingual: English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

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