Sensual & Erotic MassageSARA HUTCHINS:
Masaje Erótico y Sensual

Beautiful Sarah Hauchings is a Board Licensed Massage Therapist since 1999.  Her training includes Swedish, Thai and Deep Tissue Massage therapies, and sports massage.  She conducts sensual massage workshops for couples in Mexico, Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji and Asia, and has developed workshops like Language Without Words and the Power of Touch.  She has worked at some of the top spas in the United States and has a very successful private practice as well.

Sarah is an accomplished instructor and her group sessions are extremely sensual experiences for all attendees. Just imagine what she will do for you in the lusciously sexy ambiance in the Riviera Maya with the Caribbean Sea as background for a session of erotic massage under the blue sky.

As both a professional and a freelance therapist, she has traveled the planet to share her work at renowned spas and world-class resorts. The atmosphere she promotes during her workshops is calming, private and very sexy, a perfect and safe environment to learn how to nurture your partner through sensual massage.

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