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Orgasmo y Tantra

Milah is a lawyer. She studied law in Mexico, and earned a scholarship to complete her Master’s Degree in Applied Political Sciences in Madrid. Later, she returned to work in public administration, before moving to India, where she learned all about meditation techniques, energy management, Reiki, Tantra, and Ayurvedic medicine, among others practices that play a key role in the interconnection of the body, mind and energy.

Today, Milah is a renowned sexcoach, dedicated to individual and couple’s counseling, with extensive knowledge in tantric sex, and author of El Poder del Sexo or The Power of Sex. She makes regular television and radio shows appearances and is a conference and workshop speaker. Milahsex, as she is known in Twitter, is a top influencer in sex subjects on social networks.

During her many years as sexcoach, she has helped improve the sexual and emotional life of many couples, and has reinforced, with great success, trust of those who seek her advice. Milah has boosted her clients desire to live fiercely, while being conscious of every decision they make in diverse circumstances.

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