Foam Party

Welcome to our Jacuzzi Foam Party. Be seduced by the soft touch of bubbles and foam that will fall all over your skin as you dance to the sexiest music at the Jacuzzi Lounge and engage in fun conversations with other like-minded guests.

Soap suds had never been this erotic! Discover a sexy turn to your sipping the most delicious cocktails at our Jacuzzi Lounge Bar. Play with the bubbles and let our exciting performances, sensual beats and spicy games seduce you.

In your sexiest suit, your own skin, get wet and let your sex appeal shine while our Jacuzzi Lounge is transformed into the most tantalizing party. There won’t be a better way to enjoy the most deliciously erotic part of your couples only getaway than experiencing our Tuesday night, the time when foam, passion and seduction will cover our Desire!Soap suds had never been this erotic!

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