[Currently closed due to renovations following the January

[Currently closed due to renovations following the January

Actually ken, even the quads out now can clock to 4ghz on air”. Some of you will remember that SiCortex took our TopFLOP 2006 award for crafting the most compelling supercomputer of the year. The company has taken six core MIPS chips, put 27 of those chips on each server board and then slapped 36 of the server boards in a DeLorean inspired case.

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cheap nfl jerseys It also sells calculators, blank cassettes, batteries, disks, lab coats and surgical instruments. It opens 8.30am weekdays throughout the year.[View the Union Complex on the St Lucia Campus Map]During semester, Wednesday markets are held on the St Lucia campus in the Union Complex area.[View the Union Complex on the St Lucia Campus Map]UQ Union retail outlets, including the the Campus Pharmacy, Optometrist, Dentist, Hair Salon, Bike Shop and Copy Shop,[View the Union Complex on the St Lucia Campus Map]One Newsagent adjoins the Physiology Refectory.[View the Physiology Refectory on the St Lucia Campus Map]and another Newsagent adjoins the UQ BookshopThe UQ Aquatic Centre stocks swimwear and swim accessories. [Currently closed due to renovations following the January floods][View the David Theile Pool on the St Lucia Campus Map]The UQ Tennis Centre Pro Shop provides discount tennis equipment, accessories and University apparel to UQ students, UQ Sport members and the general public.[View the Tennis Centre on the St Lucia Campus Map]The UQ Sport Activity Hub is your one stop shop for everything sport related on campus. cheap nfl jerseys

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